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Grow • with Heutink

Grow • with Heutink

With over 100 years of experience in education Heutink provides the very best global educational brands, which are geared towards learning through play. Together with our team of education specialists, we design and develop innovative materials aimed at supporting play and development. Based on internationally proven curricula and standards to support educator goals, we extend the passion for our brands with training and support for parents, teachers and distributors. Our assortment includes a special selection of superior quality brands. Furthermore, we believe in creative collaboration and provide a wide range of customizable Heutink educational products. We encourage you to partner with us in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) to create and customize solutions for your brand.

We are proud to present our brands.


Children learn and develop through play. Educo materials are designed to help young children to acquire important skills in a natural way and to understand the world around them.


From • our collection

Find and count on color

Find and add E523299 Calculating game in which children search for depicted items on theme plates.

E523041 A fun way to learn about colors, counting and number sense.

Counting bus E523119 Let passengers get on or off the bus to practise math skills. Take a ride and count!

Counting street E522882 Deliver mail and learn to count to 10.

Our Core Skill coding system easily guides you to Educo games for specific skills by connecting to Common Core State Standards. Learn more:

Core Skills

Counting hands E523001

Counting eggs E523002 The 10 unbreakable eggs are magnetically held into place for classroom instruction.

Counting hands help children to trust their number skills and move away from using their own fingers.


7 - 9 yrs

10 - 12 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

4 - 6 yrs

Vehicle puzzle box E522350 Trains, planes and automobiles are some of the themes children love.

Talk together E523235 Play with 2 children sitting on opposite sides of the upright frame board to find the right picture.

Skribi E325100 Push a marble through the maze using one of the cups, while avoiding the holes.

Bolt together E523245 Cooperate to assemble the shapes. This game fos- ters communication, creativity and teamwork.

Criteria E300100

Power puzzles - set of 4 E523305 Tough looking puzzles, all about power and excitement.

Vetrovorm E522462 Start lacing. A fun game for developing hand-eye coordination.

Feelings and emotions E309200 Children learn important emotions by using mimic, using words and gestures to express feelings.

No picture matches with the others due to a unique detail. Adress logical thinking, detail differences and similarities.

Puzzles in 2 layers - set of 4 E523256

Search and find E522981

Tactile box E522873 Feel an object inside the box and describe it without looking.

Maxi insert mosaic E523096 A transparent insert mosaic frame to encourage children to exercise their color and shape perception.

A 2 layered puzzle that shows the inside and the outside of a truck, fire engine, police car and ambulance.

Fun variation on the memory match game concept. The pairs relate to each other but are not identical.


Jegro offers a range of educational materials which seamlessly complement the methods used in schools. The materials require active and physical participation.


From • our collection

Counting frame up to 20 J3018230

Counting frame up to 20 J3018200 Teachers tool to demonstrate additions and subtractions up to 20.

Practice number skills up to 20. The counting frame is provided with a smiley face to show pupils the correct way of using it.

Counting frame stamps J1509006 Practice number skills up to 20.

Base 10 set J3015300 Use the units, longs, flats and cube to materialize the decimal numerical structure.

Base 10: magnetic 3D J3015400 Magnetic plastic cards with 3-D drawings of Base 10 to practice the transfer from concrete to abstract.

Base 10: rubber stamps J3015320 Visualize (large) numbers and increase insight into the decimal system.


7 - 9 yrs

10 - 12 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

4 - 6 yrs

TT Box J1354000

Division help J1358000

Magnetic fraction round J1504000 Recognize and name fractions and learn to calculate with fractions.

Magnetic fraction linear J1506000 Recognize and name fractions and learn to calculate with fractions.

Learn the times tables 1-10. Place the red card on top of the card with the sums to hide the answers.

Learn the division tables 1-10. Place the red card on top of the card with the sums to hide the answers.

Clock synchronous J3030500

Clock 12 and 24 hours J3030510 Writable clocks with an analogue clock face and a digital display.

Split(s) box teacher J15520000 Demonstrate the partitioning of numbers up to 10.

Split(s) cards J1553000 Practice the partitions up to 10 in couples. To be used in conjunction with the Split(s) box.

Demonstration classroom clock for with a special front that shows the PM hours or the minutes.

Bead string up to 100 J3018246 Demonstrate numbers and arithmetic operations up to 100..

Bead bar up to 100 J577019 Explore the number structure 0-100.

Bead bar up to 100 J3018219 Practice number skills up to 100. Use the beads to visualize numbers and arithmetic operations.

3-dimensions J3003150 Use the blocks to build the different views or projections.


The Nienhuis Montessori materials are based on the

Montessori education method and they stimulate the child’s desire to learn. They promote imagination, increase insight, and create a desire for quality.



From • our collection

Pink Tower 002400 This series of cubes develops visual discrimination of size in 3 dimensions.

Set of Knobless Cylinders 002300 The Knobless Cylinders are the final stage in the dimensional material.

The Geometric Solids 004800 The 10 Geometric Solids introduce the child to solid geometry.

Red Rods 002600

The Red Rods develop visual discrimination of length, while height, color and width remain constant.

Bells Set 0063A0 The set consists of 13 pairs of bells that comprise the chromatic scale .

Third Box Of Color Tablets 005300 The Third Box Of Color Tablets introduces the final stage in color discrimination.


7 - 9 yrs

10 - 12 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

4 - 6 yrs

Spindle Box: US version 003203 The Spindle Box provides practice in associating quantity and symbol for the numbers 0-9

Tellurium 085101 A model used to demonstrate the movement of the earth and the moon around the sun.

The Animal Continent Box 066501 A first introduction to animal species from each of the 7 continents.

Trinomal Cube 013200 The Trinomial Cube is a concrete representation of the algebraic formula (a + b + c)³.

Imbucare : 4 Shapes 0427020 Insert the shapes in the correct holes and flip the lid over to expose the shapes.

Bead Material 0086G0 Bead Material is used for teaching the exercises of linear and skip-counting the quantities of the squares and cubes of the numbers 1-10.

The Black Ribbon 069500 Creating time lines, evolution of man, periods in history, calendars, the solar system.

Small Bead Frame 009300

The Small Bead Frame forms the bridge to abstrac- tion for the decimal system exercises of addition and subtraction.

Flags Of North & South America 0233A0 The national flags of each of the countries.

Braiding Board 040700 Invites the child to learn braiding in an easy and simple way.

Colored Discs On Colored Dowels 045600 Place color disc on the right dowel.

Globe Of The Continents 023100 With the Globe Of The Continents, the concept of continents is reviewed and named.


Our extensive range of Arts & Crafts materials allows children of all ages and ability to be creative, use their imagination, and explore their artistic potentional.



From • our collection

Finger paint A030001 – A030007 The total finger painting concept!

Interpaint A062601 – A062617 Economical, ready-to-use poster paint in large, handy squeeze bottles.

Textile printing paint A062260 – A62265 High-quality textile paint ready for use. Can be used on various natural and synthetic fibres.

Lyons paint brushes A040111 - A040122 | also available in other lengths Blank varnished wooden handle, fitted with a seam- less aluminium ferrule.

Colored pencils Goldline A061001 – A061017 Made from premium quality materials. Hexagonal model, with a 3.7 mm lead.

Colored pencils Goldline A061250 – A061261 Made from premium quality materials. Triangular model, with a 3.7 mm lead.


7 - 9 yrs

10 - 12 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

4 - 6 yrs

Felt tip pens thin A080301 Felt tip pens provided with an air- let-through top. Plastic holder in the relevant color.

Felt tip pens thick A080037 Thick round felt tip pens in 10 assorted colors.

Glue powder Plakplak A030044 Transparent cellulose glue in powdered form.

Inter glue A0161001 Environmentally friendly. A really spectacular glue with excellent adhesive qualities.

Felt tip pens giant A080024 Giant round felt tip pens in 10 assorted colors.

Wax crayons – box A010002 Wax crayons that give lots of color. Box contains 144 pieces in assorted colors.

Toddler glue A081095 Child-safe, scentless, easily washable glue.

Artificial raffia A036199 – A036208 Colorful and tangle free hanks for decorative use.

Modelling pipe cleaners A036050 To make a collage, soft shapes can be pinned, glued, stapled or oversewn.

Floriade crepe paper A083101 – A083115 Intense colored, extra quality crepe paper

Craft paper A084011 – A084014 | also available in other weights Feel an object inside the box and describe it without looking.

Glitter A036105 A36106 – A036127 – A036128 Glitter makes decorating much more fun.


Customized • by Heutink

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