Grow with Heutink USA

7 - 9 yrs

10 - 12 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

4 - 6 yrs

Vehicle puzzle box E522350 Trains, planes and automobiles are some of the themes children love.

Talk together E523235 Play with 2 children sitting on opposite sides of the upright frame board to find the right picture.

Skribi E325100 Push a marble through the maze using one of the cups, while avoiding the holes.

Bolt together E523245 Cooperate to assemble the shapes. This game fos- ters communication, creativity and teamwork.

Criteria E300100

Power puzzles - set of 4 E523305 Tough looking puzzles, all about power and excitement.

Vetrovorm E522462 Start lacing. A fun game for developing hand-eye coordination.

Feelings and emotions E309200 Children learn important emotions by using mimic, using words and gestures to express feelings.

No picture matches with the others due to a unique detail. Adress logical thinking, detail differences and similarities.

Puzzles in 2 layers - set of 4 E523256

Search and find E522981

Tactile box E522873 Feel an object inside the box and describe it without looking.

Maxi insert mosaic E523096 A transparent insert mosaic frame to encourage children to exercise their color and shape perception.

A 2 layered puzzle that shows the inside and the outside of a truck, fire engine, police car and ambulance.

Fun variation on the memory match game concept. The pairs relate to each other but are not identical.


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