Grow with Heutink USA

7 - 9 yrs

10 - 12 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

4 - 6 yrs

Spindle Box: US version 003203 The Spindle Box provides practice in associating quantity and symbol for the numbers 0-9

Tellurium 085101 A model used to demonstrate the movement of the earth and the moon around the sun.

The Animal Continent Box 066501 A first introduction to animal species from each of the 7 continents.

Trinomal Cube 013200 The Trinomial Cube is a concrete representation of the algebraic formula (a + b + c)³.

Imbucare : 4 Shapes 0427020 Insert the shapes in the correct holes and flip the lid over to expose the shapes.

Bead Material 0086G0 Bead Material is used for teaching the exercises of linear and skip-counting the quantities of the squares and cubes of the numbers 1-10.

The Black Ribbon 069500 Creating time lines, evolution of man, periods in history, calendars, the solar system.

Small Bead Frame 009300

The Small Bead Frame forms the bridge to abstrac- tion for the decimal system exercises of addition and subtraction.

Flags Of North & South America 0233A0 The national flags of each of the countries.

Braiding Board 040700 Invites the child to learn braiding in an easy and simple way.

Colored Discs On Colored Dowels 045600 Place color disc on the right dowel.

Globe Of The Continents 023100 With the Globe Of The Continents, the concept of continents is reviewed and named.


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