Grow with Heutink USA

7 - 9 yrs

10 - 12 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

4 - 6 yrs

Felt tip pens thin A080301 Felt tip pens provided with an air- let-through top. Plastic holder in the relevant color.

Felt tip pens thick A080037 Thick round felt tip pens in 10 assorted colors.

Glue powder Plakplak A030044 Transparent cellulose glue in powdered form.

Inter glue A0161001 Environmentally friendly. A really spectacular glue with excellent adhesive qualities.

Felt tip pens giant A080024 Giant round felt tip pens in 10 assorted colors.

Wax crayons – box A010002 Wax crayons that give lots of color. Box contains 144 pieces in assorted colors.

Toddler glue A081095 Child-safe, scentless, easily washable glue.

Artificial raffia A036199 – A036208 Colorful and tangle free hanks for decorative use.

Modelling pipe cleaners A036050 To make a collage, soft shapes can be pinned, glued, stapled or oversewn.

Floriade crepe paper A083101 – A083115 Intense colored, extra quality crepe paper

Craft paper A084011 – A084014 | also available in other weights Feel an object inside the box and describe it without looking.

Glitter A036105 A36106 – A036127 – A036128 Glitter makes decorating much more fun.


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