Gonzagarredi | School Furniture 2019 | Heutink International

Colors - see page 155 Colori a pag 155 Couleurs à la page 155 Colores - consulte la página 155

GAI222200* 120x120x14/24/34/44h cm 0+

GAI222400* 180x180x14/24/34/44/54h cm 0+

GIANT’S Giant’s Giant’s Giant’s

BIG GIANT’S Giant’s grande Giant’s grand Giant’s gran

GAI222600 160x60x52h cm 0+

GAI222800 225x163x5h cm 0+

ARCH Arco Arc Arco

MAT FOR ARCH Materasso per arco Petit matelas pour arc Colchón para arco

159 * Only available in the colors shown in the picture / Disponibile solo nei colori indicati nell’immagine

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