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Colors - see page 155 Colori a pag 155 Couleurs à la page 155 Colores - consulte la página 155

GAI213000 LOW ø 40x24h cm 0+ GAI213100 MEDIUM ø 40x30h cm 0+

GAI213200 HIGH ø 40x42h cm 0+

GAI212800 76,5x35x14h cm GAI212801 76,5x35x31h cm 0+

ROUND POUF Pouf rotondo Pouf rond Pouf redondo

ROUNDED 45° BENCH Divanetto curvo a 45°

Banc courbe 45° Banco curvo 45°

GAI227300 ø 60x32h cm GAI213203 ø 60x42h cm 40 kg/mc 0+

POUF Pouf Pouf Pouf

GAI260001 90x35x35h cm 0+

GAI260002 105x40x65h cm 0+

RED CAR Auto rossa Voiture rouge Coche rojo

TRUCK Furgoncino Camionnette Furgoneta

151 * Only available in the colors shown in the picture / Disponibile solo nei colori indicati nell’immagine

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