Gonzagarredi Catalog 2016


10-Place Open Dressing Cabinet with Hangers

Extendable Luminous Table

Wall-Mounted Book Stand

Book Display on Casters

GA0243400 135x70x66h cm (closed) 385x70x66h cm (open)

GA0251000 100x84h cm

GA0261202 60x60x60h cm

GA0232600 105x41x100h cm

Painting and Drawing Trolley

Adjustable Painting Easel

Soft Bed with Mattress

Soft Binomial Cube

GA0260200 85x50x62h cm (handle and tray not included)

GA0275200 80x74x140h cm

GAI290001 GAI292101 115x75x5/15h cm

GAI223700 70x70x70h cm

Dressing Table

Disguise Wardrobe

Baby Walker Cubo Medium

Changing Table with Ladder

GA0267400 54x41x58/114h cm

GA0268001 85x41x30/114h cm

GA0280301 110x55x55h cm

GA0230004 120x75x85h cm

Gonzagarredi Catalogue



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