Gonzagarredi Catalog 2016

Montessori Environments for 0-3 years


Childcare spaces express pedagogical and educational choices that are made and renewed. They communicate meanings, suggest behaviours, transmit messages to children, parents and all those who care about what happens in them and what they offer.

The distribution of space and its arrangement allow us to understand if care is being taken each day in welcoming children and parents into a place designed for them, that is warm, friendly, aesthetically beautiful and harmonious. They tell us of the importance given to individual play, early exchanges and evolving interactions in small groups. They tell us whether the children feel protected and, while respecting their individual development, whether they feel confident in exploration.

They tell us whether value is given to experiences of care, intimacy and warmth, whether children have the freedom to express various and progressive skills and the strengthening of their autonomy, whether fundamental learning is assured. They tell us of the importance given to promoting play in all its forms, with the availability of materials and opportunities for exploration, discovery, research, expression and problem solving.

Gonzagarredi Catalogue



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