Gonzagarredi Catalog 2016


Leaf Shapes Insets For The Botany Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet For Insets

Using the Botany Cabinet, the child learns the shapes and names of leaves by tracing their borders and matching them to those in the natural environment. The Botany Insets consist of 24 knobbed wooden insets with their frames.

Wooden cabinet with seven trays. The cabinet may contain either the Botany Insets (1MM210 Leaf Shapes Insets together with 1MM212B Tree, Leaf, Flower Puzzles) or the Geometry Plain Insets (1MM028).Dimensions: 46,5x32x23h cm (18x13x9h in).

1MM210 Leaf Shapes Insets For The Botany Cabinet (Without The Cabinet)

1MM213 Wooden Cabinet For Insets

Leaf Cards Cabinet

A wooden cabinet with 3 shelves designed to organize the Leaf Cards.

1MM21110 Leaf Cards Cabinet

Leaf Shape Cards

Three set of Leaf Shape Cards printed as follows: one set with shapes in a solid green, one set of shapes in a thick outline and one set with shapes in a thin outline. They match the leaf shapes of the insets.

1MM211 Leaf Shapes Cards (without box) 1MM029B Leaf Cards / Geometric Form Cards Box

Tree, Leaf, Flower Puzzles

Set of three large puzzles with wooden backs for the analysis of a tree, a leaf and a flower: each part has a knob for easy removal.

1MM212B Tree, Leaf, Flower Puzzles

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