Gonzagarredi Catalog 2016


Printed Alphabet Box

Wooden box and lid with 33 slanted compartments for storing letters (Letters not included).

1MM05510 Printed Alphabet Box

Wooden Boards: Set Of 2

These boards are to guide the child in the correct placement of the large and medium sized moveable alphabet letters. One side is ruled for the large moveable alphabet and the other side is ruled for the medium moveable alphabet.

1MM05411 Wooden Boards: Set Of 2

Printed Alphabet

The Printed Alphabet is used for writing words, sentences and creative story writing. There are 24 of each plastic letter - printed in lower case on one side and upper case on the other side.

1MM0552 Printed Alphabet: Print, Blue 1MM0551 Printed Alphabet: Print, Red

Gonzagarredi Catalogue



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