Gonzagarredi Catalog 2016


Bells Set The set consists of 13 pairs of bells that comprise the chromatic scale beginning at ā€˜cā€™ (do). One bell of each pair is either black or white and the other is natural wood. The 13 black and white bells have a decreasing diameter. 2 bell mallets and 1 damper are included.

Bells Staff Board

An individual staff board for the first exercises of notation.

1MM2431 Bells Staff Board

1MM240 Bells Set

Bell staff boards: Set Of Two

A set of staff boards for the further exercises of notation.

1MM2432 Bells Staff Boards: Set of Two

Bells Keyboards

2 color-coded keyboards upon which to arrange the bells in chromatic order.

1MM241 Bells Keyboards

Bells Music Signs And Notes

Material used for exercises in notation and composition. Supplied in a set of boxes.

1MM242 Bells Music Signs And Notes

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