Catalogus Educo 2023

Our children We love to look at the world through the eyes of a child. Pure, playful and open-minded. How wonderful is it if they can combine hands-on experiences and learning? In a playful way, we want to introduce them to important themes that they will deal with later on. And stimulate their creativity as well. We consider this as our obligation to our children Our planet With a bit of imagination, you can see our planet as a big schoolyard. The place where you live, learn, play, make friends, sometimes fall down, but always get up on your feet again. We want to teach children that it is our planet that matters most, and how you can contribute to keeping it healthy and tidy. That makes learning a lot more enjoyable! Our society Large or small, thick or thin, young or old and dark-or light-skinned: we do not see these characteristics as opposites. Rather, we see them as complementary qualities that make the planet more beautiful when they blend in and coexist. That is our starting point and it is also reflected in our materials: giving each other space and being kind to each other. Everyone is part of our society and has the right to play along in their own way. ‘When everyone is included, everyone wins’, political activist Jesse Jackson once said. We could not have put it better ourselves! Our products We do not want to be pedantic, because one teacher at a time is more than enough for a child. Yet our products have a deeper layer. Just look close enough! We hope that our products, which are of course made from sustainable materials, inspire to think and ask questions. About the planet, about inclusiveness, about ecology, about our future and about climate change. Big themes to think about early on. We provide the tools and toys to get involved early, in a fun and natural way!



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