Catalogus Educo 2023

Physical education


Summer skis E524003 3 - 6

Contents: • 32 plastic assignment cards with 16 movements • wooden box (24 x 12.5 x 7 cm)

Contents: • set of wooden skis with hand ropes (ski size: 89 x 9 cm)

These colourful summer skis encourage children to work together while exercising. The skis are made of wood and have two anti-slip rubber blocks underneath. Children build teamwork skills while they improve their coordination.

Make the right move 900000056 3 - 6 Make the right move as shown on the assignment cards. Imitate them yourselves or imitate each other. Develop spatial awareness and gross motor skills. As all postures are included twice, it is also possible to play memory.

Activity die 3 011530 3 - 6

Horse harness E522091 3 - 6

Contents: • large soft plastic die with images showing body parts (10 cm) What part of the body does the die show? What can you do with it? Learn to recognise and name body parts and discover their functions. The die is made from soft plastic, which makes it safe to handle and roll quietly. Easy to clean so suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Leather horse harness. Stimulate imagination and motor skills when playing outside.

Stilts - wood 900000296 3 - 6

Wooden stilts for gymnastics and dexterity. With height adjustment. Length: 170 cm.



Physical education

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