Catalogus Educo 2023

Place the disc 900000206

Practise the concept of object permanence and that of cause and effect. Because of the peek-a-boo effect, the child learns that something can exist even if it doesn’t see it. In addition, by putting the right discs in the right mailbox, it stimulates the fine motor skills, the working memory and the sorting by colour.


14-17 months

Slide the ring 900000205

Slide the rings and practise movements coming from the elbow and wrist. This also strengthens the fist, something that is important for writing later on.

14-17 months

11-17 months

Puzzle the shape 900000203

Practise fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and distinguishing shape and colour with ‘Puzzle the shape’. Vary in difficulty by starting to create one single puzzle and expand to multiple puzzles next to each other.



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