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Interpaint - 1 Litre bottle

Economical, ready-to-use poster paint, in large, handy squeeze bottles. The paint flows thickly and dries quickly. Matt finish, covers well. Interpaint can be used on almost any absorbent surface.

Interpaint - 1 Litre bottle

E062601 White E062603 Light yellow E062605 Dark yellow E062610 Orange E062611 Light red E062612 Dark red E062615 Light green E062616 Dark green E062620 Light blue

E062621 Dark blue E062627 Brown E062628 Light brown E062629 Chocolate brown

Suitable for dark surfaces or to mix with other Interpaint colours.

E062645 Black E062650 Violet E062651 Pink

E062030 Gold E062031 Silver E062032 Glitter Paint Transparent

E062652 Light pink E062654 Flesh tint

E062033 Bronze E062034 Pearls

Interpaint varnish

Gouache pastel - Set of 8 bottles

Transparent varnish for protecting posterpainted work. In 1 litre bottles.

The paint is thick liquid and dries quickly. Set of 8 bottles of 500 ml, including the following colours: yellow, orange, pink, papaya, light green, blue and violet.

E062670 Interpaint varnish

E062500 Gouache Pastel, set of 8 bottles



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