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Ballpoint pen Heutink Basic

Fineliner - Heutink

Transparent plastic barrel with cap. End piece colour matches writing colour. Write-out length 2000 meters.

Plastic barrel with stop and cap in writing colour. Line width: 0.4 mm.

E045041 Blue E045042 Red

E080027 Red E080029 Black E080030 Blue

Ballpoint pen Heutink Goldline

Ink roller pen - Heutink 600

Non-retractable pen with ventilated cap. Cap colour matches writing colour. Rubber grip for comfortable writing. Write-out length 2500 meters.

Roll pen with ergonomic rubber grip for both left- and right-hand use. Rollerball tip of stainless steel for fluent writing. To use with DIN-ink patterns. Including 1 full and 1 void ink pattern. Box of 10 pens.

E045026 Blue E045027 Red E045028 Black E045029 Green

Box of 10 pieces. E060250 Blue - Set of 10 E060251 Red - Set of 10

Marker - Heutink - Yellow

Marker - Heutink - Chisel tip

Yellow marker Heutink, yellow. Line width: 1 - 5 mm. Filled with fluorescent ink. With acrylic chisel tip. Non refillable.

Plastic barrel with cap in writing colour. Ink based on alcohol, xylene-free, therefore environment-friendly. Line width 1.5 - 4 mm. Chisel tip.

E080026 Marker - Heutink - Yellow

E139006 Black E139007 Blue



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