Catalogus Arts and Crafts 2018 - lr

Crepe paper special Party print

Underlayment plastic (PP)

Extra quality crepe paper, 75 % stretch. Size 50 x 250 cm.

Prevents desks from getting dirty because of glue, paint, etc. Colour: blue.

E083116 Animal print E083117 Party print

E009149 Size 19 x 33 cm E009150 Size 40 x 57 cm

White glue

Glue powder - Plakplak

White glue with excellent adhesive qualities. Suitable for materials as paper, cardboard, wood, felt, textiles, leather, etc. Inter glue dries completely transparent, is easily washable, easy to remove from the fingers and non-toxic. Water based.

Transparent cellulose glue in powder form. Particularly suitable for bonding of paper and paper-mache. Box of 500 gams. Solvent free. Only prepare the amount that is needed, since bacteria will easily influence the quality.

E016001 115 ml bottle E016002 5000 ml can E016005 1000 ml bottle E016006 Class set, 30 x 115 ml, including storage box

E030044 Glue powder - Plakplak


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