Catalogus Arts and Crafts 2018 - lr


Training scissors - 17.5 cm Blunt tips

Training scissors. Double loops on each handle allow teacher and child to simultaneously complete the cutting action. - rounded tip for improved safety - right-handed

Scissors Kidicut, 12 cm

E076036 Training scissors - 17.5 cm Blunt tips

These practicing scissors are developed in order to guarantee the safety of children (rounded points) and comfortability in using them. - suited for small hands - security blades - is suitable for cutting paper till approx. 250 g - in assorted colours - both left- and right handed use.

E076100 Scissors Kidicut, 12 cm

Scissors - Basic Reflex 3D Vivo

A better grip and safety for children’s hands by means of ergonomic 3D rings. - suited for small hands - rounded tip for improved safety - symmetrical - in assorted colours Size: 13 cm.

Paper scissors Expert

Quality scissors, equipped with ergonomic 3D rings. - double sharpened - extra strong stainless steel quality - lifelong warranty - ergonomical - red - asymmetrical

E076105 Right-handed E076106 Left-handed

E076140 21 cm Left-handed E076141 25 cm Right-handed

Scissors - Precision - 13 cm

Stand for 12 scissors

Precise scissors, for workpieces by hand or 3D cutting. - pointed tip - with protective sleeve

Wooden stand to store scissors.

E009132 Stand for scissors, 12 holes

E076142 Scissors - Precision - 13 cm



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