Catalogus Arts and Crafts 2018 - lr

Clay/paint finger printers - Set of 8 pcs.

Stamps of 2.5 cm, that can be put on the fingers. Can be used with paint or clay. Set of 8 pieces.

E530402 Clay/paint finger printers - Set of 8 pcs.

Paint roller - With pattern

Big rollers with a rubber stamp. Christmas - Halloween - Spring - Love. Set of 4.

E530404 Paint roller - With pattern

Jumbo washable paint / ink pads

Made with washable paint / ink, these pads are excellent for young children. For use with stamps but also approved for direct contact with skin. Colours: yellow, orange, green, blue, red, black, purple, pink, brown, silver.

E530409 jumbo washable paint / ink pads

Creatieve rollers

Single pads E530415 Yellow E530416 Orange E530417 Green E530418 Blue E530419 Red E530420 Black

Set of 4 easy-to-use rollers with different themes: teddy bears, butterflies, gingerbread man and frogs.

E530421 Purple E530422 Pink E530423 Brown

E530433 Creatieve rollers



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