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Hollow Letter Shapes: Nordic Cursive – Supplement Set This set contains the Nordic letters å , ä , ö , ø , æ . To be used with Item Number: 005600. Item Number: 005602 Hollow Letter Shapes: Spanish Cursive – Supplement Set This set contains the Spanish letters ll , rr , ch , ñ . To be used with Item Number: 005604. Item Number: 005614

Sandpaper Capitals The Sandpaper Capitals guide the hand for writing as the child traces the letter shapes in the style and direction that they are written. Each Sandpaper Capital is in upper case with the consonants on boards painted pink, and the vowels on boards painted blue. Each board has a space on the left and right for the child to steady it with one hand while tracing the letter with the other.

Sandpaper Capitals: US Cursive Item Number: 0057B4 •

Sandpaper Capitals: International Cursive Item Number: 005700 •

Sandpaper Capitals: International Print Item Number: 005705 •

Sandpaper Letters Box Item Number: 0057A0 •

• = Essential

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