Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Bells Keyboards 2 color-coded keyboards upon which to arrange the bells in chromatic order. Item Number: 0063B0 •

Bells Staff Board An individual staff board for the first exercises of notation. Item Number: 0063C0 •

Bells Staff Boards Set A set of a staff boards for the further exercises of notation. Item Number: 0063D0 •

Bells Music Signs And Notes Material used for exercises in notation and composition. Supplied in a set of wooden boxes. Item Number: 0063E1 •

Bells Support Materials Set A complete set of printed cards, labels, control strips and control booklets for use with the book ‘Sensorial Exploration and Notation with the Bells’. Contains: major scale pattern cards, nomenclature cards, grading cards, description cards, and control strips and booklets. Item Number: 568200


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