Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Stand For Height A stand for plane geometric form exploration that facilitates in the measurement of height of the Constructive Triangles. Scale is in centimeters. Item Number: 012600

12 Identical Blue Triangles The 12 Identical Blue Triangles are used to explore equivalency, congruency and similarity. Includes 12 right- angled scalene triangles in blue/white. Item Number: 0049F0 •

12 Identical Blue Triangles Activity Set Additional exercises for use with the 12 Identical Blue Triangles. Includes: exercise cards, divider tabs and a

wooden box for storage. Item Number: 061101

Circles, Squares & Triangles The sets of Circles, Squares And Triangles provide the possibility for the child to explore and experiment with the three basic geometric shapes. The three shapes are represented in 3 colors – red, yellow, blue, and are graded

from 1 to 10 cm in size. Item Number: 004500 •

Inscribed And Concentric Figures: Plastic The precisely cut geometric shapes offer the child the possibility to explore inscription, concentricity and gradation. The material is contained in a box with lid which has 3 compartments for storage of: a graded set of 6 circles, green on one side and red on the other; a graded set of 6 squares, green on one side and red on the other; 2 graded triangles and 2 graded circles, blue on one side and yellow on the other. Item Number: 004550


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