Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Dressing Frames Stand The Dressing Frames Stand is freestanding to occupy minimum floor space while allowing the child easy access

to the 12 Dressing Frames. Item Number: 163200 •

Braiding Board This material invites the child to learn braiding in an easy and simple way. Fastened on the wooden board are 3 rope-like strings in 3 different colors. Good for practice

of the fine motor skills. Item Number: 040700

Hand Washing Table: Adjustable Height The Hand Washing Table has two removable stainless steel bowls: a small one for holding a bar of soap, and a larger one for the water. The table is adjustable in height to accommodate children of various ages.

Measures: 68 x 45 x 52 cm. Item Number: 182600 •

The Complete Practical Life Stand Set includes: 1 Shoe Polishing Brush Set, 1 Small Dusting Brush, 1 Indoor Broom: Soft Black, 1 Rug Beater, 1 Dust Pan, 1 Dust Brush With Handle, 1 Scrubber And 1 Squeegee. Item Number: 172700 •


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