Catalog Nienhuis 2023

Materials INFANT / TODDLER 0 – 3


Cutting And Scissor Tray An all-inclusive set for cutting exercises in the classroom. Includes: a wooden tray and small box, a pair of scissors and several scissors exercise sheets. See Item Number 567700 Scissors Exercises to order additional sheets. Item Number: 040000 •

Toddler Scissors For left-handed and right-handed children. 9 cm. Item Number: 770300 •

Glue And Paste Box An all-inclusive set for gluing and pasting exercises in the classroom. Includes: a wooden box with six compartments, a glue/paste brush and a glass jar with lid. The lid of the box has a cutout hole that holds the jar upright to avoid spilling the contents. Item Number: 040100 • Ball Tracker When the child has mastered ‘pulling up’, he is able to place the ball in the Ball Tracker. The light-weight ball moves slowly enough for the child to follow it or track it with its eyes. Tracking movement is important for later reading and writing. The object permanence drawer located at the bottom, makes the exercise even more exciting. Measures: 58 x 40 cm. Item Number: 041300 • Scissors Exercises 14 sequential exercises used for the development of scissors mastery. Narrow strips are for single-cut exercises and wide strips for multiple cuts. 14 different strips provide progressive levels of difficulty. Includes: micro- perforated pads for easy removal of individual cutting strips and convenient storage, 3400 strips: 8-10/sheet, 50 sheets/pad and instructions. Item Number: 567700

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