Catalog Nienhuis 2023

In Montessori education children develop a friendly approach to error. There is no external force that is judging; the child relies on the impersonal judgment that comes from within while working with the Montessori materials. The materials in a Montessori environment are designed for maximum independence. They interrelate and build upon each other. This requires a great deal of precision and attention to detail during the production process. Learning is in the details

As Nienhuis, we keep our focus on the details, in sharing our story, in making our materials, in the communication with our customers, and also in our brand messaging. Our logo authenticates our legacy and craftmanship. It is clean, discrete and integer; it shows the Yet… we felt it was time for a change - a subtle, yet spirited change to sharpen our message. A change so minute, at first glance you may not even notice! Look carefully… closer… do you see it? Learning is in the details. connection with Montessori. It is a logo to be proud of!


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