Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Geometric Cabinet Nomenclature Cards 2 sets of nomenclature cards. 1 set with separate labels and 1 control set labeled at the bottom. Printed in blue on white card stock. Item Number: 560800

Geometric Beginning Labels 36 labels for the plane geometric shapes in the Geometric Cabinet. Item Number: 561000

Geometric Cabinet Advanced Triangle Labels 40 labels for labeling the sides and angles of the shapes in the Geometric Cabinet. Item Number: 561100

Commands For The Geometric Solids 63 commands for activities with the Geometric Solids and related solid geometric forms in the environment. Item Number: 561500

Bells Support Materials Set A complete set of printed cards, labels, control strips and control booklets for use with the book ‘Sensorial Exploration and Notation with the Bells’. Contains: major scale pattern cards, nomenclature cards, grading cards, description cards, and control strips and booklets. Item Number: 568200


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