Catalog Nienhuis 2023

EARLY CHILDHOOD 3 – 6 Furniture


Desktop Carpets (5) This anti-slip felt desktop carpet is especially designed to prevent damage of the painted Montessori materials, while working at a desk. Measures: 48 x 68 cm. Item Number: 165000 (Rectangular, 48 x 68 cm) • Item Number: 165100 (Square, 48 x 48 cm) •


Puzzle Map Stand This beechwood stand holds up to 10 puzzle maps and includes a drawer for efficient storage of the Labeled and Unlabeled Paper Maps. Measures: 67.5 x 52 x 67 cm. Item Number: 0176A0 •

Cabinet For Paper Maps A beechwood cabinet with 6 shelves used for storing the paper maps. Maps are ordered separately. Item Number: 162600 •

Tone Bar / Bell Cabinet This cabinet is adjustable in height and is used for working with both the Bells Set and the Tone Bars Set. Measures: 145 x 40 x 58.5/68 cm. Item Number: 191000 •

Easel: 2 Boards The 2 board easel is sturdy and adjustable in height. The design allows 2 children to work simultaneously – 1 on each side. The paper is attached using clamps, tape or other means (ordered separately). For canvas use, we suggest resting the canvas on the tray. Measures: 55 x 59 x 142 cm. Item Number: 187700

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