Catalog Nienhuis 2023



Easel: 2 Boards The 2 board easel is sturdy and adjustable in height. The design allows 2 children to work simultaneously – 1 on each side. The paper is attached using clamps, tape or other means (ordered separately). For canvas use, we suggest resting the canvas on the tray. Measures: 55 x 59 x 142 cm. Item Number: 187700

12 Hole Storage Block: For Pencils And Glue Brushes Wooden stand to store 12 pencils or brushes. Item Number: E009131

Stamp Pad: Black Measures: 11 x 7 cm. Item Number: E132033


Pencil Sharpener: For All Pencil Types – Table Model: Electric This sharpener is suitable for hexagonal, jumbo and 3-Sided pencils. A pencil guide plate adapts to the thickness of the pencil. Features automatic stop when the pencil is sharpened. Not available in the US. Item Number: E035063 Suitable for all pencil types, including 3-Sided, up to 12 mm. Automatic stop when the pencil is sharpened. Adjustable tip thickness from 0.5 to 4.8 mm. Desk clamp included. Black. Item Number: E035055 Pencil Sharpener: For All Pencil Types – Table Model Pencil Sharpener Double: For All Pencil Types – Small A wedge-shaped pencil sharpener with 2 holes. Suitable for hexagonal and 3-sided pencils. Comes in a variety of colors. Item Number: E025238

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