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School Glue: Premium A natural, potato starch based cold water soluble adhesive. Capacity: 100 ml. Item Number: 790100 This Modeling Dough is very soft, easy to knead and does not dry out. The colors correspond to the Sensorial materials, and enable the child to model the different Geometric Solids. Contents: 5 colors, 3 bars of each. Item Number: 782000 Modeling Dough: Assorted Montessori Colors



Paste Or Glue Brush (12) Set of 12 wooden glue brushes. Measures: 12 cm. Item Number: E040094

Storage Block: For Art & Pasting Materials Wooden stand for storing a glue bottle, a punch-out pin, 2 brushes/pencils and a pair of scissors. Item Number: E036083

12 Hole Storage Block: For Punch-Out Pins Wooden stand to store 12 Punch-Out Pins. Item Number: E009134

Punch-Out Pad Felt for use with the Punch-Out Pins. Measures: 20 x 15 x 0.9 cm. Item Number: E083002

Punch-Out Pin Ergonomic, practical pricker made of plastic with stainless steel tip. A specially shaped finger grip ensures good grip of the fingers and stops it from rolling away. In 4 colors. Measures: 14 cm. Item Number: E522761

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