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Geography EARLY CHILDHOOD 3 – 6


Tellurium Tellurium is a model used to demonstrate the movement of the earth and the moon around the sun. This attractive and captivating material is a simplified reproduction of the solar system. Tellurium is not a replica of the reality, but a model to explain the different principles of day and night, summer and winter and the positions of the moon. Tellurium visualizes to the children, the fascinating effects created by the rotational movements in our sun-earth-moon system. There are 3 major rotations: • The earth rotates on its axis every day. The result is day and night, enabling us to see the sun, moon and stars moving across the sky. • The moon revolves around the earth approximately every four weeks. The result is the different phases of the moon. • The earth (with the moon) revolves around the sun in one year. This is where we get our seasons and the fact that we can see other constellations. Using the flashlight, ‘sunlight’ can be projected on the earth and the moon to show the children the different effects as the earth and the moon revolve. Included is a figure that can be affixed on the globe to make it easier for the children to place themselves in the situation. An instruction manual that gives further information on the use of the Tellurium is included. Item Number: 085101

Tellurium Activity Set Additional exercises for use with Tellurium. Includes: exercise cards, divider tabs and a wooden box for storage. Item Number: 085201

Planets Of The Solar System Contains 2 sets of full color nomenclature cards. 1 set with separate labels and 1 control set labeled at the bottom and a spiral bound book that contains a complete set for teaching and reference use. Cards are made of plastic for durability. Includes a wooden box for storage. Item Number: 077001

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