Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Cabinet For Paper Maps A beechwood cabinet with 6 shelves used for storing the paper maps. Maps are ordered separately. Item Number: 162600 •

Puzzle Map Stand This beechwood stand holds up to 10 puzzle maps and includes a drawer for efficient storage of the Labeled and Unlabeled Paper Maps. Measures: 67.5 x 52 x 67 cm. Item Number: 0176A0 •

Pin Flag Stand Used to hold the pin flags. Made of a self-healing material. Item Number: 017400 •

Wooden Box For Pin Flags Item Number: 016914 •

Extra Flags: Yellow (10) Item Number: 0174A0 •

Extra Flags: Red (10) Item Number: 0174A1 •

Extra Flags: Green (10) Item Number: 0174A2 •

Extra Flags: Blue (10) Item Number: 0174A3 •

Extra Flags: White (10) Item Number: 0174A4 •

Extra Flags: Gold (10) 10 blank gold flags for use with the Pin Maps and the Cabinet Of The USA. Item Number: 0174A5 •


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