Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Land Form Cards 10 plastic cards illustrating the different Land And Water form shapes. These cards (20 x 20 cm) match the Land And Water form trays, and can be used for the abstraction and naming of the Land And Water forms. Item Number: 022900 •

Box For Land Form Cards Item Number: 0229A0 •

Land And Water Forms: Nomenclature Cards - Set 1 & 2


Based on Set 1 and 2 of the Land And Water Form Trays (Lake, Island, Gulf, Peninsula, Strait, Isthmus, System of Lakes, Archipelago, Bay, Cape). For each form, it includes: • a form card and separate label

• a definition card and separate label • 2 control cards labeled at the bottom

Cards are made of plastic for durability. Includes a wooden box for storage. Measures: 16.5 x 15 x 10 cm Item Number: 076801

Land And Water Forms: Card Set Six sets of Land And Water Forms Cards for matching, vocabulary, nomenclature and definition sets I, II and III. The Land And Water Forms are 6 basic forms: Island- Lake, Peninsula-Gulf, Isthmus-Strait, and 4 advanced forms: Archipelago-System of Lakes and Cape-Bay. Printed in color on white card stock. Item Number: 550500

Land And Water Forms: Command Cards Command cards for primary Land And Water Forms exercises. 48 cards printed on white card stock. Item Number: 550200

Land And Water Forms: Labels 12 sheets of labels for the largest islands, lakes, gulfs, oceans, seas, rivers, mountain ranges, deserts, etc. of the world. 2 sets of sheets for cutting into labels and/or control chart use. Item Number: 550300


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