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Botany Cabinet Using the Botany Cabinet, the child learns the shapes and names of leaves by tracing their borders and matching them to those in the natural environment. The Botany Cabinet consists of: a beech plywood cabinet with 3 drawers and 18 leaf-shape insets and frames.

Measures: 49 x 34 x 16 cm. Item Number: 004100 •

Botany Cabinet Control Chart A chart for use with the Botany Cabinet and the Botany Cabinet: Nomenclature Cards. Printed in green on thick white plastic. Item Number: 0041C1

Botany Cabinet: Nomenclature Cards Item Number: 562700

Leaf Cards The Leaf Cards aid the child in moving from the concrete representation of leaf shapes to abstraction. There are three series of 18 cards that correspond to the leaf shapes contained within the Botany Cabinet. In the first series, the forms are filled in (solid), the second series has a thick outline of each shape, and the third series has a thin outline of each shape. Item Number: 004300 •

Leaf Cards Cabinet A wooden cabinet with 3 shelves designed to organize the Leaf Cards to correspond with the drawers of the Botany Cabinet. Item Number: 004400 •

Leaf Cards / Geometric Form Cards Box A box with 3 compartments used for storing the Leaf Cards and/or the Geometric Form Cards. Item Number: 0040A0 •

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