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Quantity Splitting Box Classroom observation suggests that it can be difficult for children to master all the addition and subtraction combinations of numbers up to 20. The Quantity Splitting Box will help to make this essential element of arithmetic a pleasant and rewarding experience. Children will find this game a fun and interesting way to practice and memorize simple arithmetic combinations. Contents: The Quantity Splitting Box consists of two stacking boxes made from solid beechwood. The upper box has a sliding panel and a sloping bottom panel with a hole in the center. The lower box is divided into two compartments with a solid bottom panel. In addition, two pieces of felt, one green and one red, fit into the compartments of the lower box. Twenty marbles which are used for the activities and instructions are included. Item Number: 320000 Division Equations And Dividends Box This 2-compartment box with lid contains plastic chips, 1 set of all the equally divisible problems for the numbers 1–81 and 1 set of chips with the answers to be used with the Division Working Charts. Item Number: 014901 • Working Chart Equation Paper 500 sheets with 10 rows of 5 squares printed in black on white paper. Used for memorization exercises. Item Number: 558600 Fraction Circles Fraction Circles introduce the child to the concept of fractions. The child is introduced to all aspects of fraction work, i.e., correct terminology, equivalency, arithmetic functions, conversion to decimals, measurement of angles, etc. Item Number: 011400 • Fraction Circles Stands (2) 2 stands designed to each hold five Fraction Circles for storing and carrying. Item Number: 0114A0 •


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