Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Unit Division Board Using the Unit Division Board, the child practices the tables of division with the dividends 1–81 and divisors 1–9. The material consists of a unit division working board, a box containing 9 green unit skittles, a green bead cup and a box of 81 wooden green beads. Item Number: 0096A0 • Unit Division Board Activity Set Additional exercises for use with the Unit Division Board. Includes: exercise cards, divider tabs and a wooden box for storage. Item Number: 062301

Division Tables Booklets 81 pages of division tables from 81–1 for use with the Unit Division Board (Item Number: 0096A0). 5 booklets. Item Number: 559551

Division Tables The Division Tables contain the equations necessary for the exercises with the Unit Division Board. Item Number: 015801

Division Working Charts The Division Working Charts aid the child in practice and memorization of the division combinations. Includes 2 working charts, 1 control chart and a box of wooden answer chips. The first working chart later becomes the control chart for the child to correct its work with the blind chart. Item Number: 0142D1 • Problem Slips: Division Working Charts 2 sets of color-coded unit division combinations (equations) slips. 1 set of combinations for use with each of the two Division Working Charts. Each set is supplied

in a separate plastic box. Item Number: 559554 •


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