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Montessori Sports

Bean Bags The texture of the Bean Bag guides sensorial exploration and functions as a point of interest. Furthermore, a Bean Bag is easy to manipulate and can be used as a preparation for throwing. Individually, it can be used for throwing and balancing. The Bean Bags are available in the primary colors; red, yellow and blue. They can be used for visual discrimination and perfectly fit in the 3-6


curriculum. Measures: 7 x 9 x 2 cm. Item Number: 621100 (Blue) • Item Number: 621200 (Red) • Item Number: 621300 (Yellow) •

Sports Blocks In order to direct the movements of the young child, this bamboo block can be provided as a control of error. Individually, the block can be used for balancing activities or marking a spot. Combined with the Montessori Football the block can function as a target for kicking. By using more blocks at the same time, different steps of progression are optional for the child to challenge himself more. Item Number: 621600 (Large, 20 x 10 x 5 cm) • Item Number: 621500 (Medium, 15 x 8 x 4 cm) • Item Number: 621400 (Small, 10 x 6 x 3.5 cm) • Item Number: 620200 (Blue, 30 cm) • Item Number: 620300 (Blue, 45 cm) • Item Number: 620400 (Blue, 60 cm) • Item Number: 620500 (Natural Wood, 30 cm) • Item Number: 620600 (Natural Wood, 45 cm) • Item Number: 620700 (Natural Wood, 60 cm) • Item Number: 620800 (Red, 30 cm) • Item Number: 620900 (Red, 45 cm) • Item Number: 621000 (Red, 60 cm) • Hula Hoops Order is an essential factor in preparing an environment for sports. The bamboo hoop allows you to create this order and mark different areas where sports activities can be executed by young children. Individually, the hoop can be used for jumping and balancing. Combined with the Montessori Football, the hoop can be used as a target for throwing. More hoops will allow you to create movement patterns within the skill of jumping, running and balancing.






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