Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Colored Bead Stairs – 10 Sets: Individual Beads

The Colored Bead Stairs are used for activities of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Includes a hardwood box with lid.

Item Number: 0090AG (Glass) • Item Number: 0090AM (Nylon) •

Bead Houses Used to help isolate the possible number combinations of 1–10, the Bead Houses are made of durable plastic and color-coded to correspond with the Bead Material. To be used with the Colored Bead Bars and Cut-Out Numerals. Set includes: 10 plastic cards, each shaped like a house, and a wooden box with lid for storage. Item Number: 008800

Black And White Bead Stairs – Individual Beads: 1 Set These bead stairs are used in addition and subtraction activities.

Item Number: 0091AG (Glass) • Item Number: 0091AM (Nylon) •

Subtraction Snake Game: Individual Beads The purpose of this material is to introduce the child to the unit combinations of subtraction. Includes: 1 box containing 5 sets of Negative Bead Stairs, 1 box containing 5 sets of Colored Bead Stairs, 1 box containing 23 Golden Bars Of 10, and 1 box containing 1 Black And White Bead Stair. The 4 boxes fit neatly into a beechwood tray.

Item Number: 0291G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0291M0 (Nylon) •

Subtraction Equations And Differences Box This 2-compartment box with lid contains plastic chips,1 set with equations printed on them and 1 set with the answers to be used with the Subtraction Working Charts. All the equations and differences for the subtraction combinations 1–18 are included. Item Number: 014700 •


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