Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Dot Exercise Sheets (50) 50 sheets printed with the Dot Exercise board grid. Item Number: 0050A0 •

Addition Working Charts The Addition Working Charts aid the child in the practice and memorization of the unit addition combinations. Includes 2 control charts, 4 working charts and 1 box of wooden answer chips. Item Number: 0142A0 •

Working Chart Equation Paper 500 sheets with 10 rows of 5 squares printed in black on white paper. Used for memorization exercises. Item Number: 558600

Addition Equations And Sums Box This 2-compartment box with lid contains plastic chips, 1 set with equations printed on them and 1 set with the answers to be used with the Addition Working Charts. All the equations and sums for the addends 1–9 are included. Item Number: 014600 • Addition Tables Booklet: 1 The ‘traditional’ addition tables for the numbers 1–9 with second addend in numerical order, i.e. table of 1: 1+1= through 1+9= (40 booklets). Item Number: 559521 Problem Slips: Addition Working Charts 4 sets of color-coded unit addition combinations (equations) slips. 1 set of combinations for each of the 4 Addition Working Charts. Each set supplied in a separate plastic box. Item Number: 559524 •


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