Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Stamp Game Activity Set Additional exercises for use with the Stamp Game. Includes: exercise cards, divider tabs and a wooden box for storage. Item Number: 060101 Stamp Game After being introduced to the decimal system using the Golden Bead Material, the Stamp Game provides opportunity for individual practice in the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In a step towards abstraction, the quantity and symbols of the decimal system are combined and are represented by each ‘stamp’. Item Number: 008200 •

Stamp Game Paper: 15 Problems 500 sheets with 15 problem grids (twelve 1/2"- squares each) printed in gray. Item Number: 558300 •

Bead Material: Individual Beads This extensive set of Bead Material is used for teaching the exercises of linear and skip-counting the quantities of the squares and cubes of the numbers 1–10. It prepares the child for later activities in multiplication, squaring and cubing, as well as base number work.

Item Number: 0086G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0086M0 (Nylon) •

Printed Arrows: Bead Material 20 sets of color-coded plastic arrows with the multiples printed on them for use in the skip-counting exercises with the short and long bead chains. The arrows of each chain are 1/4" wide for the units, 1/2" wide for the multiples, 3/4" wide for squares, and 1" wide for cubes. 20 plastic boxes are included. Item Number: 0086B0 •


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