Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Golden Bead Chain Of 100: Individual Beads

Provides experience in counting from 1–100, reinforces the sequence of number, prepares the child for counting by tens and demonstrates in linear form the square of 100.

Item Number: 0078G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0078M0 (Nylon) •

Golden Bead Chain Of 1000: Individual Beads

This activity provides experience in counting from 1–1000, prepares the child for multiplication and demonstrates in linear form the cube of 1000.

Item Number: 0079G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0079M0 (Nylon) •

Bead Chain Mats Designed for use on the floor, the Bead Chain Mats are durable fabric mats on which the Golden Bead Chain of 100 (Short) or 1000 (Long) can be laid out in their entirety. An essential product for independent sequencing work, the mats are also perfect for working with the chains and squares of the Colored Bead Material. The mats rolls up neatly for storage and are secured at the end with Velcro™ tabs. Machine washable. Beads sold separately. Measures: 23 x 950 cm (Long) / 23 x 95 cm (Short). Item Number: 008050 (Bead Chain Mat: Long)* Item Number: 008051 (Bead Chain Mat: Short)*




Wooden Square Of 100: Set Of 10 Item Number: 007410 •

Paper For Re-Covering Squares & Cubes (100) Item Number: 0074A0 •

Wooden Cube Of 1000: Set Of 10 Item Number: 007510 •

*Available June 2023


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