Catalog Nienhuis 2023

Mathematics EARLY CHILDHOOD 3 – 6


Golden Bead Material Activity Set Additional exercises for use with the Golden Bead Material. Includes: exercise cards, divider tabs and a

wooden box for storage. Item Number: 060001

One Golden Bead Cube Of 1000: Individual Beads

Item Number: 0085G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0085M0 (Nylon) •

One Golden Bead Square Of 100: Individual Beads

Item Number: 0084G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0084AM (Nylon) •

45 Golden Bars Of 10 In Box: Individual Beads Item Number: 0076G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0076M0 (Nylon) •

100 Golden Bead Units: Individual Beads Item Number: 0077G0 (Glass) • Item Number: 0077M0 (Nylon) •

Place Value Working Mat The Place Value Working Mat is perfect for laying out the Large Number Cards as well as for performing many other math exercises. The columns of each ‘place value’ are colored to match the Montessori Hierarchy Of Number. Item Number: 013250

Wooden Tray With 2 Unit Cups Item Number: 008100 •

• = Essential

Nienhuis Montessori 135

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