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Reading Analysis: First Chart And Box The First Chart And Box introduces the predicate, subject and direct object. The set includes a chart and a wooden box containing circles and arrows with the printed questions for beginning analysis. Item Number: 0108A1 • Reading / Sentence Analysis Set The complete Reading / Sentence Analysis Set presents basic, as well as complex sentence analysis. Through the simple questions used for analysis, the child is led from concrete awareness to abstract understanding of sentence structure. The set includes: the First Chart And Box (Item Number: 0108A1) plus the advanced chart, with boxes of arrows, circles and triangles for complex sentence analysis. Item Number: 010801 • Sentence Analysis Working Chart The Working Chart helps the child correct their own work and also links the simple questions asked by the exercises with the nomenclature of grammar. Item Number: 0108B1 • Template: Sentence Analysis After the introduction of the sentence analysis material, this template is to be used with writing exercises. Measures: 4 x 13.2 cm. Item Number: 011150 • Exploring English: Kindergarten 3 – 6 Exploring English is a complete curriculum meant to learn English as a foreign language for kindergarten and elementary. It is a material to learn English, to do English and to experience English. This curriculum has been developed from the ‘learning by doing’ perspective and contains a lot of Montessori elements. Exploring English is developed fully in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is integrated with all other educational subjects like math, geography, biology, history, science etc. Phenomenon based learning at its best. Item Number: 072000 Set Of Arrows And Circles For Sentence Analysis A set of unprinted arrows and circles, to be used for initial sentence analysis exercises. Item Number: 0108C0 • ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE

• = Essential


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