Catalog Nienhuis 2023


Logical Adverb Exercise Over 100 adverbs and verbs included in the set. Some adverbs are logical with some verbs and illogical with other verbs. Back of cards are color coded orange

(adverb) and red (verb). Item Number: 564200

Logical Adjective Exercise Over 100 adjectives and nouns included. Some adjectives are logical with some nouns and illogical with other nouns. Back of cards are color coded blue (adjective) and black (noun). Item Number: 564100 •

Grammar Exercises For exercises using the article, adjective, conjunction and

preposition. 127 cards. Item Number: 565500

Singular And Plural Noun Exercises A set of 9 reading and control sample cards list over 128 nouns that are pluralized by adding s, es, ies or ves. The individual noun and ending cards are printed so that an ending card can be placed next to the noun to make it plural. Item Number: 564300

Positive – Comparative – Superlative 32 sets of adjectives – 96 words in total. Includes ordinal and cardinal names for 1 to 10. Supplied in a plastic box. Item Number: 565900

Conjunction And Prepositions 120 prepositions used for introductory exercises. The only conjunction provided is the word ‘and’. The cards have a comma on the reverse side for appropriate conjunction exercises. Item Number: 565600


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