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Hollow Letter Shapes Learning to write includes two different kinds of movement. First children learn to reproduce the form and secondly, they learn to handle the instrument of writing. These Hollow Letter Shapes are a perfect preparation to get the movements of writing carried out in a very exact manner and will be a great help for children to develop their writing skills.

Hollow Letter Shapes: US Cursive Item Number: 005604

Hollow Letter Shapes: International Cursive Item Number: 005600

Hollow Letter Shapes Box Item Number: 005610

Hollow Letter Shapes: Nordic Cursive – Supplement Set This set contains the Nordic letters å , ä , ö , ø , æ . To be used with Item Number: 005600. Item Number: 005602

Hollow Letter Shapes: Spanish Cursive – Supplement Set This set contains the Spanish letters ll , rr , ch , ñ . To be used with Item Number: 005604. Item Number: 005614

Cursive Writing Boards: US Cursive The Cursive Boards include five chalkboards for lettering practice. Letters on the boards are grouped into ‘stroke families’. The Cursive Boards come with a wooden storage box. Item Number: 006504*


*Available June 2023

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