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The Metal Insets Use of this material strengthens the pincer grip and coordinates the necessary wrist movement for writing. The exercises also advance proficiency in lightness of touch and evenness of pressure through drawing activities. The Metal Insets invite unlimited geometric design possibilities. Item Number: 004600 •

The Metal Inset Stands 2 sloping stands: 1 for straight-sided figures and 1 for curve-sided figures. Item Number: 004700 •

Floor / Wall Frame For The Metal Insets A beech plywood frame for holding the Metal Insets and other necessary materials. Floor standing or wall mounted. Included is a separate wooden stand that may be attached to make it floor standing. Measures: 72 x 23 x 76 cm. Item Number: 173000 •

Lead Pencils: Box Of 12 Hexagonal Lead Pencils. Box of 12. Item Number: E061065

3-Sided Lead Pencils: Box Of 72 The ergonomic shape of these triangular pencils make them suitable for teaching children the correct writing position. Lead 3.8 mm. Cardboard box of 72 pencils. Item Number: E061240 •

Set Of 11 Dozen 3-Sided Inset Pencils: 11 Colors Item Number: 720100 •

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Nienhuis Montessori 103


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