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Phonogram Cards A set of 64 cards for the basic phonogram sounds and spelling variations. All sounds in the words are phonetic except for the isolated difficulty. There is no more than 1 difficulty in a word. All but 6 cards have 8 words and a picture that identifies the sound. The phonogram is printed in red in the first word of each card. Item Number: 563800 • Phonogram Booklets A complete set of 45 booklets, 9 pages each. Each book presents a basic phonogram sound with 8 words (1 on each page) showing spelling variations. The isolated sound on each card is printed in red. Each booklet is spiral bound. Item Number: 563700 A Key To Writing And Reading For English A 26-page pamphlet, describing the reading scheme for English. Item Number: 005550 Reading Scheme For English This set of reading materials is a systematic approach to understanding the inconsistencies in English. It allows the child to key different letter combinations to the 16 Double Sandpaper Letters. (The Double Sandpaper Letters ordered separately. Item Numbers: 0056B3 or 0056B4). Item Number: 005500 •

Phonetic Reading Cards 85 cards printed with red consonants and blue vowels for beginning phonetic reading. One phonetic word isolated on each card. Item Number: 563500

Phonetic Flash Cards Phonetic words in large letters with red consonants and blue vowels printed on white card stock. 80 different

words with 3 to 7 letters. Item Number: 563300

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